Environmental Engineering Design

Tonaf as an EPC contractor has five main department which is include: project control, engineering, construction, procurement and QA/QC department. You can find details in organization chart.

 Control Department

At first project control department will provide below documents for any new defined project:

  • Time schedule
  • Documentation list

Engineering Department

Process Department

basic engineer and calculation has been done by process department according to standards and below documents will be provided by this department:

  • pipes and valve sizing
  • process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID)
  • process description
  • Control philosophy
  • Valve list
  • Pipe list
  • Equipment List
  • Tanks datasheets
  • Pumps datasheets
  • Maintenance & Operation:
  • Maintenance and operation manual for the whole system
  • Training course

Mechanical Department

mechanical calculation and design is done, and below documents will be provided by this department:

  • general arrangement
  • tank and skid design calculation
  • Skid detail drawing

Piping Department

According to standards, calculation of piping design will be done and Below documents will be provided by this department:

  • Piping design calculations
  • General arrangement
  • piping layout

Civil Department

Civil Department will design all civil works according to civil standards and modeling software and will provide below documents.

  • detail drawing of all civil work
  • Listofer list
  • Material list

Electrical Department

By documents of process department, electrical department According to standards will provide bellow documents:

  • Cable list
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Electrical cabinets detail drawing

Note: list of Tonaf main standards has been mentioned in resume and all of them will mentioned in procedures and technical documents.

Procurement Department

All equipment’s and material will buy by procurement department according to datasheets and material list. and delivery to manufacture. All provided material and equipment’s will be checked by QC department in manufacture.

About Us

Tonaf proposes complete compact type wastewater treatment solutions.
These plants can be completely prefabricated in steel and therefore delivered ready for the use by requiring only hydraulic and electrical connections; or they can be partially prefabricated to be assembled on site.
It is possible also to provide only the components and design for the realization and installation on site. The various models meet the requirements of wastewater to be treated and its destination
The biological compact plant with aerobic sludge digester is used mainly for the treatment of wastewater coming from slaughterhouses, dairy industries, and food industries and suchlike.
The biological total oxidation plant is typically used for the treatment of municipal wastewater of small communities which do not have the possibility of connection to the city sewerage system such as hotels, holiday villages, small municipalities, villages and suchlike.
The chemical-physical compact plant is used for the treatment of wastewater containing toxic pollutants which may inactivate the biological mass and when the flow rates are very irregular and do not allow an adequate time of the increase and acclimatization of the bacterial mass. It is used for the treatment of the wastewater coming from car washes, laundries, and chemical industries and suchlike.

It should be noted that all of the company’s wastewater treatment plant and makes it suitable for farming and irrigation of green spaces.

According to the type of wastewater and the source of it, combination of physical, biological and chemical method is used for treatment of wastewater.

Tonaf by using its experience and knowledge in treatment of different type of wastewater is pioneer in this industry and can deliver the quality of effluent according to EPA standard classification as below:

Also, Tonaf have a good solution for water treatments of all industries such as:

  • complete filtration systems (MF, UF AND NF)
  • extraction of potable and industrial water reverse from sea water by reverse osmosis system
  • producing demineralization water by mixed bed column or combination of RO system and Mixed bed.
  • disinfection of potable water by using new method such as ozonation and ultra violet systems. also, conventional system(chlorinators)

Also, Tonaf have good experiences in field of air pollution control and treatment such as:

  • Air pollution On-Lin analyzers
  • design and construction of scrubbers in all industries.
  • design and installation of air sanitizer system in food industries and hospital
  • Design and installation the gas flare system